Movie Monday! - December 3rd 2012

Every Monday, we try and bring you the coolest videos from around the web that feature the best in EDM. So enjoy the show as we bring you a fan-made music video for Adventure Club, Paris Hilton's trainwrecked attempt at DJing, and a little Christmas cheer guaranteed to rock your stockings off.

Starting things off, we really like the idea of fans taking the initiative to make music videos for their favorite songs. This one is particularly well done. Even though it's 2012, this video proves that clowns can still be entertaining.

Speaking of clowns...

...go home, Paris.

We need some cheering up after watching that last musical train wreck. 

Luckily, this family all the way from middle-of-nowhere Idaho has some serious commitment to music, lights, and taking HD videos. Out of several audiovisually impressive clips circling the web from this same house, this one takes the cake.