Movie Monday! - November 5th 2012

Every Monday, we try and bring you the coolest videos from around the web that feature the best in EDM. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show as we bring you this week's videos from Toolroom Records, Matt Menck, Social Phunk, Fratzby, and more.

First up: We're big fans of performance art at The EDM Network office. So it was only natural that we feature this amazing video of someone doing it right. If you're not familiar with fire poi, it is not actually as dangerous as it looks, but to make it look good takes years of practice. Watch here:

Next we've got a fun little teaser video from a Toolroom Records release by master remixer Federico Scavo. A lot of house leans toward the funky, but rarely to they have the guts to brag about it. So this video is refreshing because it acknowledges the roots of some of the grooviest music of our time.

Watch it here:

Finally, we've got a little something for your bookmark folder. This videographer has taken the concept of a "power hour" and added a video twist. Watch as he nurtures our attention-deprived, channel surfing inner children in this hour-long masterpiece of editing: