Prepare to be Destroid-- Excision and Downlink's New Project

News has been swirling about the new project from Excision, Downlink, and drummer KJ Sawka. The announcement of the group's formation was accompanied by an alien invasion-inspired video. Read our full story on the events below.

It appears as if Excision and Downlink's latest collaborative effort, "Headbanga," may have been a bit of clever foreshadowing. The two producers sport some of the most metal-inspired styles in the dubstep business so naturally a song titled "Headbanga" employing heavy guitar riff sampling could be paying homage to the genre. But with the announcement of a new project, DESTROID, it seems they were hinting at something a bit different and more intense.

Rottun Recordings founder and brutal bassline champion Excision will be joining forces with longtime friend/labelmate/collaborator Downlink and Pendulum drummer and electronic musician KJ Sawka. But you already know this if you were one of thousands who downloaded Excision's highly anticipated Shambhala 2012 mix and were redirected to the Destroid website.

The formation of the group was announced with this video:

The announcement of the project has been impressive itself. Between seducing fans of Excision with his 2012 Shambhala mix and airing an interesting teaser video with unexpectedly high production quality, the supergroup has sparked quite an impressive buzz in a short period of time.

All supergroups enjoy a certain level of instant notoriety afforded to them by their current fanbases and their press connections. What not all supergroups have is a kickass visual artist developing an entire graphic novel for them. Devin Taylor, who had already done an EP cover for J. Rabbit's Rottun release just prior to the Destroid project, is gonna be getting a LOT more work now. The Destroid website looks unbelievable as a result. The extent of his involvement in the project is reminiscent of the musician-artist duo Gorillaz, although anything these 3 produce will be much heavier and darker than 2D or Murdoc could imagine.

So, Downlink, KJ Sawka, and Excision are joining forces and unleashing their collective brutality on the music world. That's not even the most significant aspect of DESTROID. The three producers won't be joining each other on the decks but forming a LIVE dubstep band. Though dubstep as a genre is by no means teeming with live acts, leaning closer to the "press play" side of the performance spectrum, the idea isn't unheard of. UK act Modestep has achieved an extensive fanbase as a live dubstep band.

If executed properly, Destroid has the potential to be absolutely massive. Between the fans of Excision and Downlink alone, there are hundreds of thousands of people who want them to succeed. But with great expectation comes great responsibility. Time will tell if the project lives up to the hype.